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Нефтяная компания с индийским сердцем


About project

A exciting journey to the North of Siberia for our film crew. We got over 7 hours and lived there for 3 days with ordinary workers in living wagons. Endurance test. We wanted to tell about the most important asset of the company - people. A close-knit team who, despite the harsh climate in the depths of the taiga, produces heavy oil. Paleozoic oil is the future of the oil industry.


The oil we first saw and touched.

An important feature of the company is multiculturalism. Co-owner of the Russian company Indian corporation ONGC-Videsh.


We saw and showed the viewer how people of two nationalities interact harmoniously, do not form a conflict, but rather complement each other perfectly. And Indian investors love and respect the land they work on. The motto of the company "Russian company with indian heart" is true.