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The brand video for Telecom System Integrator. Сompany introduces systems as easily like using building kit

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About project

A video about a company without a single frame of production, office or employees. There are no specific commercial offers. We must admit right away that such a concept arose because there was no way to shoot anything. All objects on which the company installs systems have a strict closed regime. Therefore, having received an order to make video about the company, we took it as a challenge and an interesting experience.


So the concept was born to show the company through an approach to solving the problem. STK is an Telecom System Integrator. Company does not sell equipment but solves the turnkey task. The client should not think what equipment to choose and how to maintain it.


The company performs the full range of design, supply, installation, commissioning, service and customer training staff, Hence the slogan of the company "high technology for the benefit of people and companies" The company's customers are large oil companies. Whose objects are far far in the depths of taiga and swamps. Scattered and torn from the world. High quality and reliable communication is very important for them. They have no right to make a mistake and they must get an active system that works.


What is the visual concept?
We see a presentation. A project engineer and customer are standing in front of an interactive table. Here, as a child's building kit, our hero easily designs and implements telecommunication systems in the existing infrastructure of the oilfield. All systems are modular and interconnected.


To transmit the atmosphere of telecommunications, we used glass materials, luminous particles and HUD elements. Drawlines and pencil remind that everything goes through design and calculation. Forest emphasizes remoteness from civilization.

The text is also metaphorical, each sentence is a beautiful artistic image. During the production, we were faced with an internal task - combining video with CG.

Our heroes had to look at objects that did not exist yet. And luminous objects on the table should cast blue light onto heroes. We had to calculate the speed and direction of movements of the actors.

It was a very interesting project for us. Subsequently, the customer requested the creation of additional videos in the same style for a more detailed presentation of specific system modules.