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Wave gear reductor.

Product video for Electric Drive Plant

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About project

Are you used to see the car in a car advertisement? No no. Just think about the car. Dream about it.
Imagine how the door slams, turn signal clicks, the motor growls!
It was this idea that inspired us to create this promo. It was a lot of fun to invent and implement. How to make the kettle shoot steam, the wind beautifully blow documents from the table, revive the clock on the hero's hand. To revive the watch was not an easy task.


What could be simpler than showing how the mechanism works? Metal rollers moves inside the grooves and the separator rotates. We got a CAD model and were asked to animate its movement. But how does it work in the real world? Simulating the animation was not an easy task. 138 (46*3) rolling elements should roll in the grooves of the separator and occupy the correct phase at the right time.


Only the third time we managed to come up with a mathematical model that accurately describes the process and allows you to create realistic animation of the mechanism. To solve the problem, we had to use the xpresso node programming language inside cinema 4d software.

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