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Газовая инфраструктура


О проекте

Flat Animation Explainers is the best way to explain and simplify very complex things in an accessible way. We had to explain that the meaning of a huge engineering infrastructure consisting of dozens of technological objects and kilometers of pipes is very simple. Previously, associated gas had to be burned, but now it can be used by people. Simple and affordable!


We came up with a red cat that symbolizes the warmth and comfort of the hearth.

We Added animals in the forest, emphasize the environmental friendliness of the infrastructure.


The most difficult thing that we have encountered is how to clearly and clearly depict the key elements of the system. In real life, each object consists of many small engineering structures and communications. But in the animation, we had to depict each object as simple as possible, but so that both the specialist and the viewer could recognize it.


The video was prepared for presentation at the opening ceremony. The customer and investors of the project praised the quality of the video and asked to get it for internal use.